Cascade Lakes Road Race

May 31, 2019 This year’s Cascade Lakes RR is not the traditional course that you may be familiar with from years past. Racing will begin at either Wanoga Sno Park or Edison Sno Park (depending on category) and head down the Sunriver Cutoff to the infamous Three Trappers climb.

After summiting Three Trappers from the West, the race takes a left turn at the bottom of the hill and rolls south along the east side of Crane Prairie Reservoir. Then taking a left on Highway 42 and heading back towards Sunriver, this all-new section of the race course rolls on for about 13 miles before racers take a left turn onto a dirt road. From here, racers will grind north for 2 miles before connecting back to NF road 40 at the base of the Three Trappers climb, then returning go the Sunriver Cutoff. At this point, the race will head back up the final climb that it descended at the start of the day, finishing at Kapka Butte Sno Park. The Pro men will complete the same route but with two loops (i.e., climbing Three Trappers twice and smashing the dirt sector twice).

Pro Women (Start at Edison Sno Park):

Pro Men (Start at Wanoga Sno Park):